“Well, well, well…Oh, you never can tell how time manages to pass you by…” Time has been flying and it’s incredible to see how much can change in just a short period. It feels like we had just released our last album and now here we are presenting to you our latest collection, Between the Waves […]

Wow! So how lucky are we to be releasing our first studio album and to have a review come out at the same time? Today we present to you (the World) our latest release, Flight of the Blue Whale. This Album has been a true labour of love and we can’t express it loud enough […]

Alright Folks, this has been a huge honor for us!… Not only have we been completely and continually blessed by being a (semi-regular) part of Greasy Kid Stuff’s playlists, but we were also recently asked to write and record a show ID for the program! Wait. What’s that you ask? You haven’t heard Greasy Kid […]