Based out of Portland, Oregon, Pointed Man Band continues to make music for families that represents and explores life’s adventures from the minutiae into the fantastical.

Amongst the Tall Trees is our latest effort and craft to showcase all of the beauty and evolution that life throws our way. Ever inspired by life and raising a family in the great Pacific Northwest, this collection of songs reflects on Nature, Life, Loss and Wonder.

We have put every ounce of love and care into crafting this album as we strive to do in our lives as parents, friends and the greater community. We hope it shines through and allows audiences the chance to dream along with us as we continue onward in this most wonderful journey that we call life.



Amongst the Tall Trees PR

Praise for Between the Waves and the Cardoons:

Parents’ Choice Award Winner – Silver!

“Some albums are great collections of individual songs. Some albums are artistic pieces that must be enjoyed in their entirety. Between the Waves and the Cardoons is both.” – Kathy O’Connell, MetroKids Magazine
“This unique album…is a book told in musical narrative and astonishingly expressive instrumentation. Each time you hear it, there is something new to discover.” -Lynne Heffley, Parents’ Choice
“Between the Waves and the Cardoons is a beautiful music album created especially to appeal to both adults and children. The songs draw upon the ineffable beauty of nature for inspiration, especially the majestic wild lands of the Pacific Northwest. A sweeping, joyous experience…” – Midwest Book Review
“If the Lemony Snicket’s Unfortunate Events book series had a sound, this album encompasses it in its theatricality…The songs are rich with imagery and storytelling.” – Eat the Marshmallow
“If you took the essence of PDX, that cool, cloudy and somewhat quirky aura that makes Portland Portland and alchemized it into an album of music, then you’d get Pointed Man Band’s Between the Waves and Cardoons.”  – PDX PARENT
“In this, his follow-up to Flight of the Blue Whale, Elliott showcases his clever wordplay and storytelling skills to give listeners his own spin on the wonders of our planet… A solid addition to any collection where music that the whole family will enjoy is in demand.” – Veronica De Fazio, School Library Journal
 “String quartets, brass, even a harp, and a mellotron and Steinway grand piano thrown in for good measure…” – Zooglobble
“There is something special about this one.” – Momma’s Bacon
“He’s a crazy wizard of groove-filled sounds with songs that are weird and wonderful…magical and beautiful and filled with musical mystery.”  – Greasy Kid Stuff, XRAY.FM

Praise for Flight of the Blue Whale:

Parents’ Choice Award Winner – Silver!

“Flight of the Blue Whale is, without question, the most exciting new rock album being released for families in 2015.” – Jeff Bogle, Red Tricycle
“The album is a sophisticatedly crafted narrative…with some pretty spectacular musical composition.” – Totally Full of It
“This first studio release from Portland’s Pointed Man Band is a standout rock album that parents who don’t like “kid music” will adore.” – Portland Metro Parent
“On Flight of the Blue Whale, his newest collection, Elliott weaves a tale worthy of Maurice Sendak, about a country fox who shrugs off work and heads to the coast, via crazed waltzes, plinking indie pop, Parisian jazz and “Apodidae Reggae.”” – Matthew Singer, Willamette Week
“Sometimes Elliott sounds like Tom Waits, but more often his voice will remind listeners of a certain age and sensibility of David Byrne…” – Zooglobble
“I really love Pointed Man Band’s music. I hope he’s in it for the long haul. He’s got some serious talent!” – Mindy Thomas, SiriusXM