Family for a Rainy Day

And a good day to you!

Well, my friends once again it is my pleasure to inform you all of an upcoming event! Oh, yes and quite the event this is! We return to the Village Ballroom yet again, but now as part of a collective! “What’s this?” you ask… Well, allow yourself to be amazed and astonished as this information seeps in.

You see, back in August a group of some of Portland’s finest family performers got together over some libations and in this meeting of the minds we decided to start performing shows together. Which, brings us to this particular post!


Friends, we are all too pleased to introduce to you The Rainy Day Family! In these drab days of winter we shall work our hardest to bring a little sunshine to you and your wee ones with special collective performances! Starting on January the 26th at the Village Ballroom. Come join us, Red Yarn, Tallulah’s Daddy, The Alphabetitians and Penny’s Puppets for an afternoon of song and dance!

If you would like to purchase tickets in advance (because they may go quick!), then you can do so here: Rainy Day Family Tickets!

Hope to see you all there!