Oh, that special time of year!

Well Folks, here it is again!
The Holiday magic is upon us. The fun of wrestling trees, the crowds, trying to keep a balanced diet and of course managing to see just the right amount of all the relatives. But there is one thing to look forward to in early December, and that is the reemergence of our favorite old friend, Krampus. That’s right, every year about this time, he comes down from his chalet high in the mountains to pay us all a visit. But not to fear friends, for since 2012 Krampus has had a wonderful change of heart and only comes to town for some High-Fives!

Don’t believe us?

Well, then just take a listen to this PMB holiday classic that we put out a few years back and let holiday cheer begin!

P.s. Stayed tuned for some potentially very exciting news!!!