And so we bid 2013 Adieu…

And a good year to you!

Well, it certainly has been for a great one for us! 2013 has taken our dreams and music leaps and bounds from being just a man with a microphone, some instruments and a sleepy infant. There is so so much to be thankful for in looking back on such a magical year! Oh yes, we could make some extravagant lists, but let us not wear out your eyes unnecessarily… we have all of the other posts here to serve as milestones! So here’s our quick thank you’s and some forward thinking:

Thank you to all who have helped to make this such a fantastic year from Kickstarter, dear new Musical Friends, to Radio play and Reviews! We are especially thankful to those Families who attend/support our shows large and small with your wee ones and wee twos!

We can’t wait for 2014 to arrive and to bring you much much more from our hearts to you and yours. With plans of not only studio recording sessions but hopefully the opportunities to keep playing out and about as often as we can, so shall we wish you all a beautiful and balanced New Year!

new year