Kindieville, USA.

I know, Kindieville sounds more like the ‘burbs than the megakindierockopolis that is Portland… But, yes my friends, as it has been deemed the “kindiest city in the world” so shall we embrace, distort and allow ourselves the artistic freedom to expand… as is the American way (note past examples, i.e., e.g., Pennsyltucky, “I really love your music”, etc.)!

Kindieville pmb

So, with that said, we owe a HUGE High-Five! to Stefan at Zooglobble, yet again for being so generous and for so positively reviewing our debut album Swordfish Tango! Not to mention we shared the spotlight with five other outstanding albums produced by local artists/friends! Check out said albums/artists below!:

1. Songs for Johnson Creek: Various Artists
2. Be Alive: Johnny & Jason
3. Monster Suit: Mo Phillips
4. Junior: The Alphabeticians
5. The Deep Woods: Red Yarn

And lastly, if not finally… we have shows! Ah yes, the sweet, sweet sounds of rehearsals make it from our comfort zones into the public zones! Come join us as we perfect the art of the arts! The dates are as follows:

Nov. 17th @ Cafe au Play from 10:15 A.M.
Dec. 8th @ The Village Ballroom: High-Fives! For The Holidays (a very special full band performance & Cd send off!)

and much, much more to come!!!