Hold on to your britches!!!

And a good day to you!

What a busy month this has been! We’ve been on the radio (Thanks, Greasy Kid Stuff!) a part of a fantastic Spotify playlist (Thanks, Swing, Whistle, Zing!) and not to mention, hard at work making new sights and sounds! And, with that said, We are all too pleased to bring to you and yours our first ever full-length music video! That’s right! We have accomplished the ordinary in what we hope to be an extraordinary manner. With fantastic scenes of flying brooms, dancing Dan’s and all other sorts of ends at odds! Check out the sights/link below:

In other BIG NEWS… we have shows! Oh yes, we can count them in the two’s and three’s up and coming, so please keep your calendar at the ready…

Nov. 2nd @ Mississippi Pizza from 4PM

Nov. 17th @ Cafe au Play from 10:15AM

And BIGGEST of all my friends!:

Dec. 8th @ The Village Ballroom! Many many more details to follow, as we hope to make this a grand event! Stay tuned!