Kickstarter Update: 24hrs = 61% Funded!

What happens when you raise 61%  of your goal in the first day, STAFF PICK!
What happens when you raise 61% of your goal in the first day, you become a STAFF PICK!


A lot has happened in the last day! 24 hours after going live with our KickStarter campaign to fund local mixing, mastering, and sustainable packaging for our upcoming album Swordfish Tango, we have 61% backing for the project– and still a month to go!

Firstly, A GIGANTIC ” THANK YOU” to everyone who has contributed to the campaign! One of our goals with the Pointed Man Band project was to foster a community of the “grown and still growing,” creating a space where all ages can have fun together. Your encouragement sure makes us feel like we are in the middle of a transcontinental group hug! Thank you!

This support and speedy response has caught the attention of the KickStarter team and now we show up on the front page of “Staff Picks” for projects in Portland(and a few clicks deeper on the National page). This means our project is at the front of the line when people search for hot projects to back and is a huge boost toward finishing our goals before the deadline.

There are 33 Days remaining for us to secure backing for the full amount of the project. Even though we are off to a great start, NOTHING GETS FUNDED UNLESS THE WHOLE PROJECT IS FUNDED. ANYTHING you can do you spread the word and share our story and our music is greatly appreciated. Even “Likes” on our Facebook Page, or follows on Twiter can help us reach this goal.

Thank you!Thank you!Thank you!Thank you!Thank you!Thank you!

Pointed Man Band